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Initially this was a Halloween video feature for a newspaper. Several Philippine residents discuss the White Lady of Balete Drive and the aswang.
We went to Balete Drive first. While we were filming I never actually heard the hissing sound, as the sound of the jeepney was very loud. It was later that night in the condo while I was reviewing the tape when I first heard it. I shrugged it off as just "noise." It was days later when I did the a
swang interview with Kaye that I realized the sound she describes is a similar sound on the video tape. Actually I had been told that before, that the presence of an aswang is preceded with a hissing sound. I suppose since we were on a street known for ghost sightings some might theorize that the n
oise could be an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) but I never analyzed the sound for any type of voice. But that's the cool thing about the Philippines and its folklore. You go to video footage of ghosts and you get aswangs instead.

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Lol Tang ina n yan ... ( 2 years ago by DeathTheKid051)
Lol Tang ina n yan ktawa ung nag interview prang bata lng ung kausap nya
ah yon pala ang ... ( 2 years ago by nat0106951)
ah yon pala ang connect non.....balete drive and aswang dahil sa last part ng vid lol
mahirap daw gumamit ... ( 2 years ago by Mitzipiechi)
mahirap daw gumamit ng PO at OPO fuckkkk...
So Big Bird flying ... ( 2 years ago by PunkJabi)
So Big Bird flying behind you? Is it yellow and fluffy?
Galang din chaka pg ... ( 1 year ago by MissAeeevic)
Galang din chaka pg my time =)))))
mananangal is a GAY ... ( 1 year ago by rommel pili)
mananangal is a GAY....aswang is a man who run the city like a meyor or city official.....
Parang taga kalye ... ( 2 years ago by mariel canino)
Parang taga kalye yung nagiinterview ano ba yan?! Anyway guys want to share my own story about manananggal po. Dati d ako naniniwala sa aswang na yan at s Manila na kasi ako lumaki at kaht nanaririnig ko na mga experience ng mga tita kong nagbuntis I don't believe them. Then I got pregnant in my case it's a black cat! And it would only appear when I'm alone. I had that weird feeling naniniwala na yata ako because Lagi niya kong sinusundan. I don't tell anybody because I don't want them to thi
Guns are illegal to ... ( 2 years ago by SLEAZY808)
Guns are illegal to own in the Philippines. You you were a white family in the Philippines, you got more things to worry about.
edi mag pray lang : ... ( 1 year ago by zytus armas)
edi mag pray lang :D
Fuckk you ... ( 1 year ago by PanicFaceeLove)
Fuckk you interviewer :) respect dat guyyy !

Di manlang mangupo ... ( 1 year ago by AngelMallows)
Di manlang mangupo yung interviewer.

P TANG - 1NA MU!!!! ... ( 1 year ago by Mario Dangankngak)

PU TANG - 1NA ... ( 1 year ago by Mario Dangankngak)

ang bastos naman ... ( 1 year ago by aman jalyn)
ang bastos naman nung nag einterview...halatang di marunong gumalang ala man lang po ni kahit isa sa mga sentences nya!..san kaya to nag aral?masagaling pa yung mga taong totally alang oinag aralan kasi the way silang magsalita magalang daig pa ang may pinag aralan...hmmm..

Array ( 1 year ago by Jarius Manuel Relente)

Wala kang kwenta ... ( 11 months ago by Adrian Panganiban)
Wala kang kwenta mag interview,lech!

Array ( 11 months ago by jeff lamique)
DELETE mona yan

parang mas matanda ... ( 1 year ago by Cyrile Ruffini Navarro)
parang mas matanda pa ung nag interview sa iniinterview nya ah. kapal ng muka

ambastos naman mag ... ( 8 months ago by wowie0321)
ambastos naman mag interview ng babae na ito...

Tangna naman tong ... ( 5 months ago by Herren Grande)
Tangna naman tong interviewer na to. Parang taga kalye lang to makipag usap sa matanda. -_-

Walang galang ... ( 4 months ago by narciso abo)
Walang galang ampota!! di ko na tinapos ung vid. boset >.<
Array ( 4 months ago by Amber Jade)
Not even scary

di man lng makapag ... ( 4 months ago by roxiel parcarey)
di man lng makapag interview ng maaus wl man lng po pag nagtatanung.

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